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 Terms of Agreement

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PostSubject: Terms of Agreement   Terms of Agreement Icon_minitimeSun Feb 11, 2007 3:39 pm

Website & Forums: The uEReborn Clan website and forums are for the distribution of news and ideas and to create discussions that pertain to our gaming community and its divisions. Any public forum (any forum that can be viewed as a guest) must not contain any pornographic image or an extreme amount of profanity. Profanity is allowed to an extent. 1 or 2 words is fine, when you die or win the match, but everyday use towards other members is not tolerated. Our forums and website show people what kind of clan we are. If we want to be a professional gaming community then we have to act like one. If any member doesn't wish to follow thus far, action will take place in an orderly manner.

Cheating: Using any hack, cheat, glitchs or any modification that allows the player to have better gameplay will not be tolerated. We will never allow under any circumstances uphold, participate or support any game play that is altered from an honest game. All skins modifications must be approved by your division leader. Remember to notify your leader of your skins, so that false accusations are not taken place. All of the game modifications, skins, etc. hosted on this website are approved by the division leaders and do not alter gameplay to create a dishonest game. Cheating will result in instant removal and/or banning from the clan.

Respect for Privacy: As a member of uEr, everyone is expected not to give out passwords to any private resource for the clan and/or destroy any resource of the clan. All members will keep every other members privacy to themselves, they are to respect their privacy as they would want their privacy respected. If you have a hard time following this then uEr is not for you.

Dual Clanning: We do not allow members to be apart of another clan. The only way you may be in more than one 1 clan, is if the other clan does not support any games that we do. If at first we do not support the said game, and later on we decide to support it, it is your duty to take action and choose which clan you wish to be in and then respectfully resign from whichever it may be. (If you have questions or are unsure about this topic, please feel free to ask a leader for more help).

Multiple Clan Accounts: More than 1 account is not allowed. Stick with 1 name and 1 account on the forums. If you have more than 1 account, we will ask you to choose 1 and the other will be deleted.

Respect for Everyone: We know you won't get along with your fellow members. We are all human and are prone to disagreement. We ask that you conduct yourself in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times, even if the other member is angry at you and you do not deserve it. We do ask that you at least try to settle your differences, and take time to cool off. If it does not work out, then please tell a higher ranked member or a leader who is currently online. Remember, do to others as you woul have done to you. This is includes respecting higher and lower ranked members, leaders, the general public on our forums, and the general public in our servers. **Racial** attacks and/or slurs to anyone in teamspeak and the forums are not allowed nor tolerated. If such happens you will be removed from the clan!

Activity: Max Player Inactive Time = 4 Weeks before Kick, Unless notice is given forehand.
Inactive = Less than 1hr of game play per day. Or less than 7hrs per week.

Server Conduct: These are the basics rules to follow while in our game servers and ventrilo servers. (Some may apply to other clan servers).

Do NOT: Swear, Spam, Whine or Complain. If you swear and spam extensively in game servers or ventrilo you will be kicked.

Present yourself as a mature and honorable player. It is essential to your survival in the clan. Basically don't act like a jerk or you will be kicked.

Having fun and playful teasing differs from being rude and obnoxious. Being generally disrespectful is not tolerated, DON'T DO IT.

If someone says stop because you are being annoying or irritating, stop whatever it is your doing. You are allowed to voice your opinion, but not at a fellow member's expense.

You will never defame family or friends in an argument. Nor is sexual, racial, and/or any type of discrimination tolerated.

If you think someone is hacking/cheating or know that someone is hacking/cheating, in our severs or other game servers, then tell someone in ventrilo who can handle the problem. If its someone else's server tell their admin, but don't tell them their own clan member hacks because you think they do. Remember your conduct in our servers and other clan servers, will reflect upon the whole clan.

Scrimmage/Match Setups:

Any and all scrimmages and matches must be approved and setup by a Staff Officer or higher. The Staff Officer who setups the scrimmage or match must participate in the match and it is his/her duty to report the win or loss to their Officers. There are times that selected individuals may setup matches, either with prior rights to do so, or with situational permission from the Leaders.

The only person who talks during a match setup is the person setting up the server (if the division's private server is offline) or the person who is setting up the uEr participants to join the opposing clan's server.

Everyone else will use private messaging to other members.

In a match the people who run it are the leaders and members ranked sergeant or higher, unless otherwise allowed by said leaders. If the leaders say to follow someones orders to comply and do so.

**Remember** what you do and how you act, will reflect on each and everyone one of your clan members and your chance at getting promoted.
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Terms of Agreement
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